Educational Project

Educational Project - Get Involved

"Using knowledge to empower local children to become agents of positive global change."

Project Description

The purpose of this program is to raise public awareness about issues that are currently affecting Africa; the history of Africa; and the struggle of the African orphans.

How to Participate

Contact Energy of Hope to schedule a presentation for your students today. Click here to schedule a presentation.


  • "I really did think that it would be hard to help out others, but it really is not."
    ~ Lori (Sumner Academy, Kansas City)
  • "The children got an idea of how important it is to help others. They also know how blessed we truly are in America. Thank you!
    ~ Cindy Kenealy (Schumacher Elementary, Kansas City)
  • "I saw this story in the newspaper and contacted her and said how interested I was. I couldn't think of anything more awesome than starting something like this. It's just really amazing. In addition to raising money, peer helpers organized 5 spirit days for the week in an effort to promote kindness both in school and in the community."
    ~ Kathy Poehlman (Oak Park School, Kansas City)
  • "Some of the kids were ones who are always stellar and I expected to respond well, but there were also several kids present who are not usually leaders and are not particular concerned about others and they were eating it up too."
    ~ Tamra Miller (Gifted Program Director, Kansas City)