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In Their Own Word: Volunteers Describe Their Experience at Energy of Hope Orphanage in June 2011

"It is humbling to receive so much love and care from these people who have so few worldly goods. We remember the parable of the widow, who gave just a small offering, but it was all she had, in comparison to those who gave so much more, yet it was an insignificant part of what they could have contributed. Let those who have ears, hear!"
Sally Hartz (Johnson County Librarian) and Janis Kirkeby (Retired Sprint Employee)
“The most exciting part of the work part all day was when we gave the kitchen supplies to the staff. I have never seen so much joy from someone who has received pots, pans, and utensils. They were all dancing in the kitchen, the kids included, and singing a song saying "Thank you, thank you very much". It was such a joyful moment!”
Jackie Thomas (Cerner Employee)
“Today was a work day. Many of us spent the day finishing the various projects we had started earlier in the week. Dave, Simon, John, and I spent a majority of the day finishing a counter for the kitchen. At each step, Simon and John would offer assistance, as we gladly accepted. Pieces of sandpaper were handed out to both boys, and they quickly developed a sanding block from pieces of scrap wood. Each time the children take on a new task, they exhibit such Ingenuity, creativity, and intellect. As I observed everyone at work during the day, teaching moments were ever present. Romans 12:6 "We have different gifts according to the grace given us." And upon reflection, believe we were blessed with the gift of teaching today. Janis and Sally finished cataloging the generous donation of books. Quickly after, several children selected a book and reading sessions sprung up around the home. Diane was offering assistance and suggestions for baby care. Mike offering computer and technical skills. Jess creating a story with several of the girls that was read to the group before dinner. We all had an opportunity to impart our knowledge and be the teacher for the day. “
-Justin VanOpdorp (Businessman)
“Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the space between the world in which we live, and the world we wish to bring... a world in which God's will reigns. In the same moment that we see the beauty and energy of the kids at the orphanage, we're reminded of the stark reality of world outside these walls.“
Michael Collins (Head Audio Engineer at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection)
“This experience will be shared in words and pictures but because of the emotions felt in our souls it will be a special moment that will bind our team's hearts forever.”
Jessica Burton (Teacher at Lee's Summit High School)

Special Programs

Birthday Program for Kids

Children can use their special day to make a difference for orphans in Africa, by asking for donations instead of regular birthday gifts. If requested, a representative of Energy of Hope is willing to speak at their party without charge. Birthday cards can be provided upon request with specific information. To view a sample birthday card, click here.

Instead of asking for gifts to help celebrate her birthday, this kind-hearted seven-year-old in Kansas asked for donations to support Energy of Hope Orphanage. Her friends and family gave a total of $350, which is almost enough to house 20 orphans for an entire month, or provide over 700 meals to hungry children. If you would like to contribute towards, or match Sophia's birthday donation, please click on the link below. Thank you, Sophia, for your kindness!

If you have questions or wish to participate in the children's birthday program, you can e-mail energyofhopezambia@gmail.com for more information.

How You Can Help


Are you interested in helping Energy of Hope's cause? If so, we have various opportunities for you to get started!

We are in need of volunteers who can assist our awareness campaign in the Midwestern Area. We are specifically looking for:

  1. Make - People who can make things.
  2. Do - People who can do things.
  3. Run - People who can run things.
  4. Advise - People who can advise.

Information for People Interested in Volunteering for Energy of Hope Orphanage

  1. Application must be requested by the individual who is interested in donating their time.
  2. Application: When an individual expresses an interest in volunteering with Energy of Hope, they will receive an application to become a formal volunteer within 24 hours of making a request, as well as a booklet describing volunteer expectations and an agreement contract.
  3. Energy of Hope 101 is a free, but required course for all individuals who are interested in adopting a regular volunteer role (other than episodic volunteers and volunteers who are specifically requesting to hold an advisory role).
  4. Volunteers will be asked to participate in a personality test and their preferences will be considered while categorizing them into three groups. The three groups are divided into the following positions:
  5. Position Descriptions will be provided for all regular registered volunteers
  6. All volunteer operations are contingent on the standard operations manual and bylaws of Energy of Hope.

If you are interested in helping, please contact us.