Our Needs

We have essential needs to get by with, but we also have to plan for the developmental needs of our kids. The budget is listed below.

The Essentials

Our most basic needs are listed below—these are non-negotiable items. The costs are listed on a per month basis.

Item Price
Food $1,700.00
Water $225.00
Rent $1,050.00
Caregiver's Salaries (full-time staff members) $2,750.00
Transportation $150.00
Electricity $150.00
Administration $200.00
Contigencies $250.00
Child Development $150.00
Repairs $150.00

Developmental Needs

With any money that we have left over at the end of the month, we use it to benefit the organization in the following categories:

  • School Expenses
  • Clothing
  • Emergencies
  • Income-Generating Activities
  • Healthcare
  • College Savings Fund
  • Recreation
  • Equipment
  • Special Projects