Meet Our New Kids

Her name is Aggie… and she is even more captivating in person than she is in this photograph. We were very blessed to open our second home for children in Zambia this January. Little Aggie, and several other small children like her are very happy to call “Energy of Hope” their new home.

As our doors opened, our gates were flooded with vulnerable young children in need of care. We received a newborn infant that was thrown into a sewer pit and left to die. The baby boy was rescued by workers who dug for 15 hours to get him out. Wrapped in an old blanket, the swaddled baby was brought to our arms in desperate need of care. We received a 4 year old boy, Gabriel, who had been so stressed by the loss of his mother the month before, and the loss of his father three months before that, that his hair turned white, like a little old man’s from pure despair and hunger as he tried to survive without them.

We received a two year old little girl with parts of her body literally rotting off from exposure from the rain and the elements.

And Aggie. I will never forget how the little girl dressed in purple rags, fell to her knees and held my ankle in her hand at the same time that the social workers placed the precious child, the five pound infant whom we named “Baby Will” in my arms. Aggie’s little hand wrapped around my leg was silently crying out, “Please, Please, Take Me Too.” She was just a little girl who needed to be protected, and fed and loved. She wanted out of the slums and into a home, and into a classroom. We brought her home, and fed her dinner, which she ate eagerly and after bathing her and finding her some nice pajamas, she sat with the rest of the children in the living room, curling her legs under her, getting her hair combed and braided nicely and giggling while watching the Disney movie, Tangled.

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That night, she crawled into her new bed, with her pink ballerina sheets, and fell fast into a very content sleep. She knew she was home.

Your donations truly provide that safety, security, care, love, and education for these children. We need your help now more than ever. We have increased by almost 20 children since January, who have all come from difficult backgrounds. At this time we are fighting hard to reverse malnutrition, to heal the scars of physical and emotional abuse, to catch them up to the level of their peers in education. All of this takes precious resources.



The Energy of Hope
PO Box #26074
Overland Park, KS 66225-6074

    Every month, each child needs:
  • Healthcare ($15)
  • Protection & Security ($25)
  • School Tuition ($35)
  • 3 Nutritious Meals & 2 snacks/day ($45)
  • Shelter ($45)
  • Caregiver Salary ($120)

Your help means the world to Aggie, and to other children like her. We have faith that with your help, our little Aggie will grow up to be a great, empowered woman of faith that offers compassion and helps to the children in her community. She will grow always knowing that your love and support for her gave her the foundation to be helpful to other people. And Aggie is not the only one, that feeling is shared by all of the new children at Energy of Hope. Their love for you is very real. So without further adieu, let us welcome home our new children by calling them out by name. Welcome home, Aggie and little Gabriel, Baby Will and Baby Niza. Welcome home, little Chrissy, Steven, Benjamin, Davy and Dory and Lilly and Christopher, Janet, and Niecy, and Beth and Maria, and for those whose backgrounds we are still investigating as our remaining spaces become filled. We will do the best by you that we possibly can. Please consider donating today so that we can continue to meet the needs of Aggie and many other loving little children like her. Your help matters.


Amanda and Kids, Staff and Volunteers of Energy of Hope